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History of Nordic Society for Sexual Medicine

History of Sexual Medicine societes in Europe dates back to 1995, when ESIR (European Society for Impotence Research) started its activity in a meeting in Porto Carras, Greece. Due time the society’s name changed first to ESSIR (European Society for Sexual and Impotence Research) and finally in 2003 to ESSM (European Society for Sexual Medicine). The changes in the society’s name reflected well the rapid development of the Sexual Medicine from male erectile dysfunction to broader field of Sexual Medicine, both male and female. (For details see:

Several national affiliated societies started their activity in Europe during these years. In the year 2005 Scandinavian Society for Sexual Medicine (SSSM) was born, thanks to the activity of Sexual Medicine experts from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Three years later, in the year 2008 Finnish Society for Sexual Medicine (FSSM) started its activity.

Both SSSM and FSSM were quite small societies, but they shared the same purpose and principles. Bot were also affiliated member of ESSM. In October 22nd 2020 a contact between the presidents of the SSSM Astrid Højgaard and the FSSM Juhana Piha was formed and discussion about a new Nordic Society for Sexual Medicine was started. Very soon the boards of both societies showed a green light to the collaboration of the SSSM and the FSSM. General Assemblies of both societies accepted the plan. As Astrid wrote, putting the forces together will increase our relevance in Europe. Both of us thought that the voice of ESSM is increasingly non-European and we need our special cultural background to be put forward – we have much to be proud of.

Finally, the brand new Nordic Society for Sexual Medicine (NSSM) was formed in 15th of February 2022. The board consists of  two members of each Nordic coutries.

Juhana Piha

Board member (FIN)