Criteria for membership of NSSM

Criteria of membership are in line with those of European Society for Sexual Medicine, because NSSM member has the possibility to join ESSM.

Who can apply
Full membership is open to all scientists or healthcare professional with specific interest in the field of sexual medicine and who have an appropriate qualification in their discipline.

Associate membership may be requested by any person who does not fulfill the above criteria, such as people in training, industry etc. Membership is subject to approval by the NSSM and associate members can not vote or hold office in the Society.

How to apply?
A candidate for full membership will be required to make formal application to the NSSM. Membership applications can either be submitted directly to the NSSM or through one of the board members.

Notes on applying for Membership
The NSSM board is responsible for the approval of the membership application. The candidate may be asked to show evidence that his/her training and professional activities embrace the field of sexual medicine. Full members are entitled to vote at the Meeting.

If you are accepted to join the NSSM you can join the ESSM. Then you have right to several benefits from the ESSM. Click here for more information.