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Risa Lonnee-Hoffmann

My work as a gynecologist spans already over 3 decades, and 3 continents with many years experience in Africa and some time in South ( east) Asia. My main interest lies within generell gynecology, including infections within gynecology, endoscopic surgery and sexual medicine. I did my PhD on the topic of sexual function of both woman and her partner after prolapse and incontinence surgery. To have a solid understanding of sexual medicine, I took a course in sexual medicine in 2013 in Oxford and was one of the participants of the first felliwship examination held by the ESSM. That is how and why I became the «expert» on sexual problems at our department.
Here at the University Hospital in Trondheim I am currently the leader of one of the three vulva teams in Norway. My experience doe not include treatment, only diagnosis and referral.
I do believe in science and research and am quite involved in various research projects on a variety of topics, including global health issues.
Originally I am German, but have lived in many countries and am based for the last 20 years in Norway. My life is busy with five children, two horses and a cat – as well as a husband 🙂

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