Juhana Piha (FIN)

I graduated as a doctor in 1985. I was interested in autonomic control human cardiovascular system and my thesis in 1989 dealed with a reference values of a battery of autonomic cardiovascular function tests. I published about 30-40 peer-reviewed articles of cardiovascular control in various disease states I was nominated as adjunct professor in physiology in the University of Turku in 1993 and in the university of Kuopio in 1994. I was in a way of graduating as a specialist in clinical physiology.

No sex at all, yet. But in the beginning of 90’s, coincidentally, I interested in penile circulation. I was then finishing my specialization of Clinical Physiology in the beginning of 90s. During those years the intracavernosal injection therapy for erectile dysfunction was novelty and revolutionary treatment of male erectile dysfunction, In 1994 I was forced to make decision. Monthly paid specialist in Clinical Physiology in the University Hospital of Turku or uncertain career in private practice exploring a new interesting medical area, Sexual Medicine. I decide to take a risk and so the Sexual Medicine won. I have never regret my decision. Even after 30 years of full-time job, I wake up every morning and go to my office thinking what kind of interesting cases there will be today. Until now, I have had about 50 000 face-to-face contacts and thousends of phone or e-mail contacts.

Durin time, I was nominated as a Specialist on Clinical Sexology (NACS) and Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM) and Supervisor in Sexual Medicine (MJCSM).

I have worked as a co-writer/researcher in a group which studied autonomic control in sleep buxism and in a group which studied autonomic control in mid-pregnancy. I have participated several clinical trials in treatment of sexual dysfunction. I have co-worked with professor Patric Jean from Åbo Academy and we have published several articles dealing premature ejaculation. Altogether I have published about 65 peer-reviewed articles. I have also a massive data base of my male patients from 1994 until now. The database consist of about 50 000 patient visits.

I have used a lot of time to educate physicians, medical students, sex therapists and sexual counsellers etc and also general population. As a supervisor of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM), I have been as a supervisor for thee doctors who had passed the FECSM examination and right now I have two physicians under training. I’m also a co-editor and writer of Finnish textbook of Sexual Medicine published 2020.

I’m a member of ESSM, ISSM, ISSAM (InternationaI Society for the Study of the Aging Male), EAU (European Association of Urology, Associate member) and ISSWSH (International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health) , and Finnish Sexological Society. I have all been a president of Finnish Society fort Sexual Medicine from 2008-2021.

I have four adult children and four grandchildren and my wife have also four children of whom two are under 18 years. My hobby is bird-watching. I have been an eager birdwather almost 50 years! I have published 30 articles in ornithology.